During my 15+ years as an in-house counsel, I have had responsibility for many legal matters related to HR,
which gives me a unique perspective on employee issues that outside counsel normally does not have.  I have
negotiated employment and compensation agreements, overseen shutdowns of operating divisions, conducted
investigations of alleged employee wrongdoing, and mediated and arbitrated numerous claims brought by
employees and employers.  My experience is unique and allows me to work with my client to achieve a practical
business solution.

  • Responsibility for legal matters related to HR and employment issues for 12 homebuilding
    divisions with personnel located in 11 states.  

  • Oversaw HR practices for 14 hospitality properties with 1200+ employees in eight states and
    Mexico, including guidelines and employee handbooks, and compliance with federal/state hiring,
    discrimination and employee protection issues.

  • Coordinated closings of 3 homebuilding divisions and numerous reductions in force involving
    500+ employees over 2 years.

  • Handled numerous complaints of alleged employee wrongdoing, ranging from theft to sexual and
    physical harassment.

  • Personally conducted numerous investigations of all types of employee misconduct that have
    resulted in findings that ranged from no action to dismissal.  

  • Responsible for final content of reports on employee conduct- informal discussions with business
    unit leaders to formal reports directly to the CEO.

  • Handled numerous mediations with employees related to terminations and employment
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Representative Transactions- Employment and HR Matters