I understand transactions and legal issues from a client’s perspective.

Clients need to know the legal issues they face, but they need practical advice to run their business.  I know
that and I deliver that.  Having spent more than 25 years as both an attorney and as a principal, I understand
what it is to be a client.  I understand the legal issues to be dealt with; but just as important, I understand
business and what it takes to get a deal done.

I understand the daily challenges and hot buttons faced by in-house counsel.  I understand the speed of
business, and that business clients expect advice that is both legal and practical.  Whether you are an in-
house counsel, a small business owner or a real estate developer, you want answers that work for your
business.  No matter who is my client, I understand that clients need and want to go beyond theoretical legal

My experience allows me to handle projects in a cost-effective manner.  I understand the budget challenges a
client faces every day.  My fees are flexible and designed to work for you and your business.  If it’s best suited
for a particular project, we can arrange a fixed fee.

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you.
Value ◊ Practical Answers ◊ Results